Michael Moskal

Executive Team

Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President of Information Exploitation Sector

Mr. Moskal serves as the Senior Vice President of CUBRC’s Information Exploitation Sector and as the company’s Chief Information Officer where he is responsible for CUBRC’s C4ISR, Data Sciences and Information Fusion, and Public Safety, Infrastructure and Transportation Groups. Under his leadership, the Sector has greatly expanded its product and service offerings, resulting in significant increases in revenue for his business unit. As CIO, Mike is responsible for strategic management of CUBRC’s Information Technology systems and security systems. He has nearly 30 years of technical and management experience in the areas of chemical and biological defense and information sciences, has been awarded one U.S. patent, and has authored or co-authored over 30 technical reports or papers in the areas of Chemical and Biological Defense, Intelligence Analysis and Data Sciences.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology from SUNY College at Buffalo and an MBA from Canisius College in Buffalo, NY.