02 Sep

Award and NASA Orion EFT-1 Patch Presented to CUBRC LENS Team

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CUBRC hosted, on the 18th of June 2015, the NASA ORION program technical team from Johnson Space Center along with their management to review existing and future programs at CUBRC that provide detailed aerothermal measurements in support of the development of the ORION Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV). The management included Howard Hu, the Acting ORION Vehicle Integration Office Manager, and James Geffre, the Vehicle System Performance and Analysis Lead in the Orion Program Office.

During the visit Mr. Hu presented CUBRC with an award and EFT-1 flight patch (EFT-1 is the recent successful ORION MPCV flight test) that actually flew on EFT-1 for CUBRC in recognition of their "outstanding support of the ORION program aerothermal test campaign, providing the unique testing capabilities needed to develop detailed aeroheating models that led to the successful EFT-1 flight".


CUBRC continues to be a primary source for the acquisition of aerothermal data in the support of the ORION program now with the successful completion of 10 wind tunnel tests in support of the EFT-1 and future program flights.