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CUBRC Acquires Ahmic Aerospace





CUBRC is an independent, not-for-profit company executing research, development, testing and systems integration focused on solving our country’s most high-stakes challenges.

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Hypersonics & Aerosciences

Our team conducts hypersonic ground and flight testing, advanced computational modeling, analysis and unique test capability development.

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Data Science & Info Fusion

Using ML, AI and multisource information fusion research, we develop technologies to address our nation’s most pressing challenges.

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Chemical, Biological & Medical Sciences

We provide the defense and public health communities cutting-edge chemical and biological research, development, testing and evaluation.

CUBRC’s Mission

To combine innovative ideas and state-of-the-art technology to help solve the most critical and challenging problems facing our Defense, Intelligence and Homeland Security communities.

About Us

Impactful Innovation

Harnessing the power of advanced technologies, state-of-the-art test facilities and the industry’s most capable minds, CUBRC develops solutions aimed at protecting our citizens and warfighters across all domains.

Powered by the combination of transformative technology and top talent, CUBRC brings a legacy of excellence to the most critical, challenging problems of today—and tomorrow. Our expertise ranges from deep technical knowledge to powerful applications yet is incredibly focused on the scientific spaces we know best, allowing our teams to address the nation’s most pressing problems.

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Multidisciplinary Resources

Our expertise lies in our team’s vast technical knowledge and application of data science and information fusion, hypersonics and aerosciences, and chemical, biological and medical sciences. We’ve built a team that can tackle today’s toughest obstacles and prepare end-to-end solutions to counter tomorrow’s adversaries.


Ethical Operations

At CUBRC, ethics are not simply what we do—it’s who we are and how we do it, every day. All internal and external business is conducted with integrity and professionalism at the forefront. These values guide everything from our core decision-making processes to how we interact with each other, our customers and our communities.

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To learn more about CUBRC and our capabilities, contact us.