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Advanced Hypersonic Analysis

Computational Capabilities

The CUBRC Aerosciences sector provides to the Government and its contractors an array of hypersonic computational capabilities. These capabilities range from the latest modeling of hypersonic flow physics to structural, thermal and dynamic analysis.


From flow physics to dynamic analysis, CUBRC Aerosciences offers diverse hypersonic computational solutions for the Government.

CUBRC hypersonic flow modeling is applied to and parallels all aspects of ground testing. This includes modeling both the flow inside the test facilities and overall test articles placed in them. This fluid flow prediction is performed with the latest cutting-edge computational solvers from the Air Force, NASA and the nation’s universities along with organic CUBRC solvers and models designed specifically for the hypersonic flow regime.

Subject Matter Expertise

CUBRC’s subject matter expertise is employed daily in the planning and execution of high-profile hypersonic ground testing to provide the Government and its contractors with exceptional value for ground testing dollars. This subject matter expertise also extends to the mechanical and thermal design of the test articles being employed in all of CUBRC’s ground test facilities.

The CUBRC mechanical design technical team employs several best of industry computational tools to evaluate the mechanical loading and operation of test articles and thermal properties for heated and long duration flight enthalpy ground testing. These computational tools facilitate our team’s ability to provide high tempo ground testing and data delivery and allow CUBRC to provide an independent computational analysis and assessment of the nation’s critical hypersonic flight systems.