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Enhancing Mission Performance

Mission Planning & Optimization

CUBRC’s RIGORS / TEMPO / INTELLEX (RTI) suite of applications was developed under funding from the Office of Naval Research (ONR). RTI provides mission planners with a tool that enables meticulous planning, agile decision-making, and continuous evaluation of mission performance and effectiveness. It enables forces to successfully gather intelligence, execute complex operations, maintain a competitive advantage, and accomplish mission success while minimizing risks and casualties.


CUBRC’s RIGORS / TEMPO / INTELLEX (RTI) suite empowers mission planners with meticulous planning, agile decision-making and continuous evaluation for mission success.

RTI screenshot

How RTI Works

RTI uses advanced operations research algorithms combined with advanced machine learning methods and complex event-processing capacities that provide a domain agnostic set of capabilities that integrate with currently existing data sources to provide semi-autonomous Command and Control.

For more information regarding RTI’s capabilities please see the attached information sheet.