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Securing Funding for Emerging Biotech

Partnering for Non-Dilutive Funding

CUBRC leverages over 35 years of experience supporting the U.S. Government, the Chemical and Biological Defense Program, Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Health and Human Services to advance new and existing medical countermeasures (MCMs) to protect our soldiers and citizens. To achieve this, we partner with early and mid-stage pharmaceutical companies, apply our expertise in MCM development and leverage our corporate infrastructure and experience in the federal contracting and procurement domain.


We provide R&D and testing services to the chemical-biological defense and public health communities and partner with biotech companies to secure US Government funding.

Within this space, we serve federal agencies such as NIH, NIAID, FDA, BARDA and DoD and help our clients secure funding to advance their drug, vaccine, medical device and diagnostic technologies without sacrificing equity in their companies. Our mission is to assist clients in developing technologies for use against public health indications and to protect the nation against high-stakes biological, chemical or radiological weapons. CUBRC also supports its partners with specialized research and development capabilities to include performing testing in high-containment Biosafety Level 3 facilities.

Strategic Technology Alignment

CUBRC’s scientists work closely with our Partners to fully understand their technology, its maturity and how it can be applied to known and emerging requirements. Our expertise is used to match technologies to funding agency requirements and develop tactical plans to promote technologies to government stakeholders and decision makers.

Maximizing Investment with Proven Strategy

Using multiple marketing strategies we raise technology awareness to help government decision makers understand how the technology can address their requirements. We also work to build support from multiple funding agencies who may be interested in the solution. Our efforts include identifying technical gaps in existing data packages, coordinating customer communications and meetings, preparing and editing technical briefing materials and leading follow-up actions to respond to customer inquiries. All efforts are coordinated with key personnel from our partners to underscore the deep expertise around the technology that is available to lead its continued development.

Proposal Development

CUBRC brings over 35 years of experience developing fully responsive, compliant proposals for large U.S. Government programs. By collaborating with our partners, we determine the scope, staging and execution of development activities as well as how achievement milestones will be structured. We use our expertise to create proposal schedules, technical volume win themes and cost templates so our partners can focus on the scientific components and technology-specific development plan. Proposal approaches are designed to be consistent with the government requirements and are often based upon direct feedback obtained from the funding agencies.

Proposal Preparation & Contract Negotiation

CUBRC leads the proposal preparation and works with partners to establish proposal schedules and interim technical reviews to ensure compliance across all solicitation requirements. CUBRC engages subcontractors, CROs and consultant service providers and integrates their contributions to ensure a unified scientific, technical and management approach is presented.

Once selected for contract negotiation, CUBRC (in collaboration with our partners) leads negotiations to settle on terms, undergo audits and respond to U.S. Government requests for technical and cost revisions. CUBRC works to protect the intellectual property rights of partners while also ensuring the government receives fair and equitable access to the technology.

Program Management

CUBRC is a proven lead systems integrator with extensive experience managing large and complex U.S. Government-funded biotechnology and pharmaceutical development programs. These capabilities make CUBRC a low-risk management solution and make certain that MCM technology is advanced cost-effectively and in compliance with contract requirements.

Credible and Reliable

CUBRC’s day-to-day businesses operate under Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), are audited by DCMA and DCAA, and have U.S. Government-approved cost accounting systems and billing rates for government-funded programs. Our MCM programs are led by scientists with advanced degrees and decades of cumulative subject matter expertise, working in concert with dedicated EVM and financial specialists. CUBRC has Program Managers certified as Project Management Professionals (PMP®).

Consulting Services

CUBRC provides business development and strategic consulting services to plan and refine non-dilutive funding strategies. While creating new U.S. Government-funded scientific programs is complicated, it can also result in significant non-dilutive investment to propel a given technology into more advanced stages of development. Our aim is to target appropriate funding sources and guide our partners as they make investments to ensure that technology maturity and data packages meet existing and/or future solicitation requirements.

Our Process

CUBRC applies its deep scientific expertise to give clients, including venture capital firms, enhanced skill sets to support technical due diligence processes aimed at evaluating biomedical technologies. We perform thorough analyses to fully understand the underlying science of candidate technologies and review intellectual property, technical data packages and publications related to those technologies.

Additionally, we work with our clients to assist in the evaluation of a company’s capability to advance its technology, review prior external funding and the outcomes, and assess practical application of technologies to the market given the current competitive landscape. CUBRC leverages its expertise including Ph.D. biological scientists experienced in the advancement of drug, vaccine and diagnostic technologies, and its team of consultants with specialized expertise in regulatory processes and FDA approval.