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A Legacy of Innovation

Our History

CUBRC was founded in 1983 as an independent, not-for-profit research and development company. Since then, the company has grown from a small research center into a fully staffed, highly respected, scientifically crucial research entity. We combine fundamental science, applied engineering and systems development to build solutions to some of our country’s most high-stakes defense challenges.


For 40 years, CUBRC has been at the forefront of defense research, combining science, engineering, and systems development.

Pioneering Progress

Before CUBRC was established, our facilities were used in development testing for NASA’s Gemini and Apollo space capsules in the late 1950s. Under the guidance of our first director and president, renowned physicist Dr. Charles Treanor, the organization’s aeronautics department flourished. Today, we have since expanded and enhanced our aeronautics department to include what are considered to be the world’s most advanced and unique hypervelocity research and test facilities.

Expanding Research Frontiers

In 1998, CUBRC expanded its offerings and evolved into a multidisciplinary institution through the addition of departments focused on information exploitation and chemical, biological and medical sciences These live-saving efforts have protected the country against the effects of biological and chemical agents and helped leaders make more informed, critical decisions through the development of advanced information systems.

Fortifying the Future

CUBRC continues to develop impactful technology to benefit all humankind. We persistently adapt and amplify our endeavors by remaining invested in the power of technology, first-rate facilities, innovative, highly motivated minds and ethical standards. Together, we take pride in protecting the lives of our citizens and warfighters across the country and around the globe, from undersea to outer space.