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Ground-Breaking Test Flight

Hypersonic Flight Test Support

The CUBRC Aerosciences team recently had the honor of being a co-PI on the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) Boundary Layer Turbulence (BOLT II) flight test.


Joining forces for a successful flight test, CUBRC Aerosciences contributes expertise in analysis, materials and instrumentation.

Leading Research

This experience included the unique ground testing of the actual flight hardware prior to flight in CUBRC’s flight matching LENS II ground test facility. This will provide one of a kind opportunities to evaluate how well the nation’s ground test facilities are able to determine the boundary layer state prior to flight. The CUBRC Aerosciences team continues to leverage this experience on other important flight test programs to advance the nation’s understanding of hypersonic flight.

CUBRC worked in conjunction with AFOSR, NASA Wallops (the launch provider) and co-PI Texas A&M to design, fabricate, instrument, ground test and deliver the completed flight vehicle to NASA Wallops, resulting in a very successful flight test. In this process, the CUBRC team gained significant expertise in the areas of flight test planning and computational analysis, analysis and selection of flight system materials and sensors, fabrication of flight test hardware to assure survival and mission success, and the hardware and wiring requirements for flight qualified instrumentation and telemetry of data.

Dr. Michael S. Holden headshot

Dr. Michael S. Holden

This test was named in memory of CUBRC’s own Dr. Michael Holden, Vice President of our Aerosciences Group who passed away on December 8, 2019 as a result of injuries sustained while skiing at Mt. Snow, VT. Dr. Holden has been a giant in his field of Hypersonics for decades.