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About Us

Focused Technology Application

CUBRC advances our nation’s defense through leading chemical, biological and medical science, hypersonics and aerosciences and information exploitation. The research, development and testing we provide our customers address threats that are too high-stakes to leave unsolved. Between our people, passion and technical ability, we go all in for our customers until we find the right solution.


Our Mission

CUBRC’s mission is to combine innovative ideas and state-of-the-art technology to help solve some of the most critical and challenging problems facing our Defense, Intelligence and Homeland Security communities.

A History of Innovation

CUBRC has a long legacy of technical excellence. After getting our start in cutting-edge aeronautics research, we have grown into a world-class developer of technologies for hypersonic systems, electronic warfare modeling and simulation, machine learning, and data fusion technologies.

Guided by Ethics

From our day-to-day operations to the business we conduct with our customers, every action we take adheres to our code of ethics. We’ve maintained our strong reputation over the last four decades through our consistent efforts.

Driven by Industry Leaders

Beyond leading technologies and talented, passionate team members, it takes great leadership to accomplish our mission. Our executive team and board of directors use their expertise to keep CUBRC moving forward.