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Unifying Frameworks for Interoperable Data

Specialized Data Ontology Development

Based on the ISO standard Basic Formal Ontology (BFO), the CUBRC developed and maintained Common Core Ontology (CCO) is a structured representation of knowledge and information that provides a shared understanding across different domains or applications. It serves as a foundation for organizing and categorizing concepts, relationships and attributes in a standardized manner.


CUBRC’s Common Core Ontology (CCO) based on ISO standards fosters knowledge sharing, interoperability and data integration across domains.

The CCO aims to establish a common language and framework that facilitates interoperability, integration and data sharing between diverse systems and stakeholders.

Bridging Diverse Domains

By defining a set of commonly agreed-upon terms, classifications and semantic relationships, the CCO enables efficient communication, reasoning and knowledge exchange across various fields, such as healthcare, finance, engineering and more. Using a common core ontology promotes consistency, accuracy and comprehensibility of data, supporting improved decision-making, data integration and collaboration among different domains and disciplines.

In April 2023, the Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer Council and the Intelligence Community Chief Data Officer Council chartered the joint Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC) Ontology Working Group (DIOWG). It was tasked with developing coordinated ontologies to set the agreed definitions and standard necessary to make data machine understandable. Based on the DIOWG’s recommendations, both Councils direct the use of three baselines: Top-Level Ontology, Basic Formal Ontology, and Common Core Ontology. These will set the baseline standards for formal DoD and IC ontology.

Try Common Core Ontology

Developed by CUBRC, the Common Core Ontology is available for use on GitHub as an open source project under an Open Source Initiative 3-Clause BSD License. In addition to the maintenance of the CCO, CUBRC develops domain-specific ontologies for specific applications. These domain-specific ontologies are directed at providing flexible, semantically enhanced data analysis capabilities.

Domain Specific Ontology Development

Using the BFO and CCO as a foundation, CUBRC is a leading developer of domain level ontologies that are tailored for specific use across a wide variety of defense, intelligence, law enforcement, and commercial applications. Our ontologists work closely with subject matter experts and data engineers to create data systems that have the ability to provide a formal and shared representation of knowledge, fostering interoperability, knowledge sharing, and improved decision-making in various domains.

Many of the domain level ontologies CUBRC has developed are available for use royalty free on US Government contracts. To learn more about our domain level ontology development services for your application, please contact us.

Take advantage of CUBRC’s ontology development process for your application. Contact us to learn more.