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CUBRC Acquires Ahmic Aerospace

By April 18, 2024April 22nd, 2024No Comments

CUBRC, an industry leading research, development, testing, and systems integration company based in Buffalo, NY, is thrilled to announce its acquisition of Ahmic Aerospace, a Dayton, OH based developer and manufacturer of innovative instrumentation and measurement techniques serving the aerospace industry. This acquisition marks a significant step forward in the overall growth strategy in CUBRC’s Aerosciences business, which is aimed at expanding our offerings in hypersonic ground and flight testing, advanced computational modeling, analysis, and unique test capability development.

According to Tom McMahon, CUBRC’s CEO, “The combination of CUBRC and Ahmic Aerospace brings together two industry leaders known for our commitment to leading-edge technologies, excellence, quality, and customer satisfaction. Through this acquisition, we will leverage the domain and technical expertise of both CUBRC and Ahmic to drive innovation, advance the state of the art in hypersonic ground and flight testing, and work to create robust engineering solutions to address the evolving threats to our
Nation’s security.”

“Ahmic began with a bold vision to transform the way aerospace data is collected. Through this new synergy within CUBRC, we will be able to accelerate unique measurement technologies targeted at critical DoD test and evaluation infrastructures,” stated Ryan Meritt, Ahmic Founder and CEO. Meritt added, “The integration of Ahmic into CUBRC’s operations will be conducted with a focus on maintaining continuity, fostering collaboration, and maximizing the value we bring to our customers, who can expect to receive an enhanced range of expertise, R&D services, and greater access to new and innovative testing services and sensing products that leverage the strengths of both companies.”

Tim Wadhams, CUBRC Aerosciences VP, added, “We are excited to welcome Ahmic into the CUBRC family and are committed, together, to unlock new opportunities, drive innovation, and strengthen our position as a trusted and unbiased partner serving the US Government, its contractors, and industry.”

Ahmic’s operations and employees will remain in Dayton, at the heart of Ohio’s Aerospace Corridor, close to many key customers both CUBRC and Ahmic already serve.

About CUBRC: Established in 1983, CUBRC is an independent scientific not-for-profit corporation that executes Research, Development, Testing and Systems Integration in the fields of high-speed Aerosciences (specifically Hypersonics); Command and Control/Modeling and Simulation; Data Science and Information Fusion; and, Chemical, Biological and Medical Sciences. (

About Ahmic Aerospace: Based in Dayton, OH, Ahmic is an early-stage research and engineering company specializing in high-performance aerospace measurement techniques and instrumentation. (

For further information regarding this media release, please contact Timothy P. Wadhams of CUBRC at Tel: 716-204-5125.